Casey – Let the Fight Begin

Written by Mindy (Casey’s Oldest) on March 26th –

About 2 weeks ago my Dad went in for a follow up appointment for his Bladder Cancer. This would have been the appointment that cleared him for a year. Just as he was about to leave they noticed something on his right lung. They scheduled a biopsy for the following Friday. The Dr said that he was able to get a good sample but it was definitely something to be concerned with. Last Tuesday we got the dreaded phone call letting us know that indeed his cancer is back. We saw the cancer specialist today and got a lot of answers. They think what happened was that before they removed his bladder some cancer cells “escaped”. They had not attached to anything yet and that is why they had not seen them before now. At the time of his surgery the Dr felt very confident that they did not need to do any chemo because none of his lymph nodes or cells they tested showed any signs of cancer. We are blessed that they saw them this time or it could have spread to a lot more places in his body by the next time they did a scan. So what does this mean? It is Metastatic Bladder Cancer. He will start chemotherapy this coming Friday. It will be on an outpatient basis. He will have 6 courses of treatments every 3 weeks until we are finished in July. He will have a lot of the same side effects that my Uncle Stacy had. It is not curable but very treatable. They will scan him every 3 months for the next several years to make sure nothing pops up without us knowing so that the Dr’s can treat it immediately. At this time we are asking for your thoughts and prayers. Our family could use them all. We will get through this, Cancer will NOT win!!!!